Installing Exchange 2016 on a single server

Exchange 2016 has been out for some time now but I have only just got around to downloading the ISO and installing it for myself.

Note: the following may need to be installed first:

Here are the steps required for a single-server setup on a Windows 2016 server:

  1. Run setup.exe
  2. When prompted chose to connect to the Internet and check for updates.  Click Next
  3. Click Next when updates have been downloaded, if any are available
  4. At the Introduction screen click Next
  5. Accept the license agreement and click Next
  6. Select Use recommended settings and click Next
  7. Select the Mailbox role, tick the box to automatically install Windows Server roles and features that are required, and click Next
  8. Specify the location for the installation and click Next
  9. Enter the name of your organisation and click Next
  10. Select No to leave malware scanning enabled and click Next
  11. Once the readiness checks are complete click Install


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