Export Recoverable Deleted Items folder to a PST file

Today I had a user ask to restore some deleted messages from a mailbox.  They were unable to see the messages anywhere in the mailbox, including the Deleted Items folder.

To find out whether the messages were available to recover without resorting to a backup I used ExFolders to navigate to the mailbox and explore the Recoverable Items\Deletions folder – here I could see the messages in question so used the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet to export them to a PST file:

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox user1@mydomain.com -FilePath \\EX-01\PST\user1.pst -IncludeFolders “Recoverable Items”

Now the user can do what they want with the messages using the PST file.

Note: The progress of the export can be monitored using the Get-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet

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