Using the Export-ActiveSyncLog PowerShell command

Today I have used the Export-ActiveSyncLog PowerShell command for the first time.  I stumbled across it while troubleshooting an issue with a HTC handset that wasn’t downloading email.  The command parses the IIS logs and generates some CSV files that contain ActiveSync usage information.  Here is the command I used:

Export-ActiveSyncLog -Filename: “C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1\u_ex130513.log” -UseGMT:$true -OutputPath:”C:\Temp\EASReports”

This generated the following files:

  • Users.csv
  • Server.csv
  • Hourly.csv
  • StatusCodes.csv
  • PolicyCompliance.csv
  • UserAgents.csv


These file can be particularly useful to determine whether or not the handset is even communicating with the Exchange servers.

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