Create a new SMTP Send Connector

In Exchange 2010 Send Connectors are required for mail flow to the Internet.  These are not created when Exchange is installed so I need to create one before I can send any mail externally.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the Management Console expand Organisation Configuration then select Hub Transport

2. In the Actions pane on the right click New Send Connector

3. Enter a name for the connector and select Internet for the intended use


4.  Enter "*" as the address space and select the option to include subdomains


5.  Choose to use DNS MX records to route mail automatically and click Next (you may need to route mail through a smart host but this depends on your setup – my server has a direct Internet connection so doesn’t require a smart host).


6. Ensure your server is present in the list and click Next

7. Click New to create the connector

8. Click Finish


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